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Re: A humble suggestion
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From: "Jennifer M. Granholm" [email protected] Date: July 12, 2015 at 10:25:57 AM EDT To: Charlie Baker [email protected] Subject: A humble suggestion
Charlie-- Have you guys thought about expressly combatting the meme out there that says HRC is "out of touch" or "in a bubble" by taking a page from former Florida Senator Bob Graham, and doing, say, 8 "work days" over the next 15 months? She could acknowledge flat-out that she's been in a security/privilege bubble, and is determined to break out of it. Then she selects 8 occupations that she is willing to spend one day working at. She humbles herself, but gives dignity to the workers whose salaries she wants to raise. Perhaps she makes beds in a hotel for a day. Perhaps she busses tables at Denny's or works behind the counter at McDonald's or Chipotle's! Perhaps she works in a nursing home. Or is a janitor in a school cafeteria. Or works at a daycare center. You get the idea -- have her pick some low wage service jobs that she's actually willing to spend 6-8 hours doing (any shorter and she'd be criticized for not putting in a full day). Our base would go wild for it -- an acknowledgement that she is determined to "see" real people, despite her own good fortunes. That she will remain in touch. Plus, it will really help to authentically internalize her own stories of how the economy is not working for average people. She'll talk to workers while she's there. She'll see real people . She'll start to understand, truly, the importance of the economic plan she'll be offering on Monday. She would be humbled and inspired by the experience. Just a thought. Jennifer
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2013.02.20 18:33 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Warren Farrell, author of Why Men Are the Way They Are and chair of a commission to create a White House Council on Boys and Men AMA!

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Why do you think that there was such a big protest at your event at the University of Toronto when there wasn't any protests of comparable size at your previous events? At the u of toronto, as i understand it, the organization that sponsored me, called the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), had been sponsoring other speakers on boys and men's issues. The Socialist Workers' Party's feminist group apparently did not like that the U of T had anything on campus that supported men's issues in this manner,and had begun ripping down posters of previous speakers. When I was invited, that was "the straw that broke the camel's back" and it catalyzed a poster-ripping down campaign like I've never seen and a more than 100-person protest that formed a feminist human blockade of the door to prevent people from hearing me. In the past, this had only happened to me once in a much more minor way, when, right after The Myth of Male Power came out, four people protested me outside Town Hall in NYC. I persuaded the organizers to give them free admission, and they became supporters after the talk. This group was not in that league! The police wouldn't let me near them, and after I saw the videos, I'm glad I took their advice!
What do you think about electoral reform? Many Canadians have felt ashamed of their behavior, deeply apologizing. I love Canada, and do not feel like a victim. The video of their swearing, etc has had a quarter million views, and introduced many people to my work who had never previously known of it.
You say in The Myth of Male Power that children raised by single dads are better off than those raised by single moms. It was when i was doing the research for Father and Child Reunion that i did a meta-analysis of what i felt was much of the best research worldwide on what works best for children raised in a non-intact family. comparatively, yes, it is true children raised by single dads were better off than children raised by single moms on more than 30 different measures of success (psychological, such as lack of depression; social, such as empathy; physical health; academic). However, this does not mean that men are better as dads than women are as moms, since the men who are primary caretaker dads are on average older, have more education, more income and are more self-selected. They are the 2013 equivalent of the 1950's woman who overcame all the obstacles to become a dr. or lawyer--highly motivated and self-selected. When socioeconomic factors are controlled for, the children raised by dads do better still, but not as much better, and you still have the self-selection gap. Father and Child Reunion is filled with the hundreds of studies on which this is based. Check out ones by Christoffersen, and the ones by Sandufer from Harvard and many others.
Did the study that concluded this control for socioeconomic factors? Important to remember is that the children who do best are ones in an intact family. especially when the mom and dad treat each of their contributions as necessary. moms tend to protect more; dads tend to encourage "get up and try again" some more. children need both the love and empathy and the encouragement to not give up. fortunately both genders can learn both skill sets if only they begin by valuing what the other sex tends to offer.
Thanks for the reply Dr. Farrell. Thank you for your acknowledgment. was it helpful?
What can I do to help? I saw a video of you at Toronto and I was inspired to do something about it, but I have no idea where to begin. Email me at [email protected] and let me know a bit about you, your talents and location so i can see how you might best contribute.
Any advice? This invitation is extended to any of the thoughtful and caring dialogue-mates here at Reddit. :)
Hi. Thank you for doing this. Why do you feel that you work and like minded others such as Christina Sommers is met with harsh accusations of misogyny? I'm going to take this answer to the deepest level i can in a brief space. every society that has survived has done so based on its ability to persuade its sons to be disposable-as-needed: disposable in war, in work, or, if they died in work or war and were a dad, disposable as a dad. if a society survives based in part on its sons' disposability, the investment in not questioning that goes deep.
Second, the feminist movement has catalyzed and pioneered infinite levels of contributions for our daughters, and that should never be reversed (here i feel differently than Christina Hoff-Sommers though I respect her contributions). but feminism undervalued the family, often demonized men, and assumed that patriarchy was a system designed by men to benefit men at the expense of women. I feel that is not accurate; that the dominating force is survival, and moms raised children and dads raised money or risked making rules that only they should have to die in war to allow for a future that would be better than the one they had. When I say that, some feminists call that misogyny rather than think about it and enter into a constructive dialogue. unfortunately, the worst offenders are women's and gender studies departments that don't question the male dominance theme.
In brief, i define power differently--as control over one's life. historically, our grandparents didnt have rights, both sexes had obligations and responsibilities, and both sexes goals were to make their children's lives better than theirs. that's just the tip of the iceberg, but i hope it helps!
every society that has survived has done so based on its ability to persuade its sons to be disposable-as-needed: disposable in war, in work, or, if they died in work or war and were a dad, disposable as a dad. if a society survives based in part on its sons' disposability, the investment in not questioning that goes deep. As a follow up question: do you think it is possible for a society to survive without the disposability of some segment of it's society? We'll need our soldiers and our firefighters, police, welders, truckers and construction workers. but we owe it as parents to not sell these positions to our sons without informing them of the price of their potential disposability. we need to make this part of an international discussion of the next step of our evolution in gender roles. if we had affirmative action requiring women to be half of the nation's construction workers, for example, we would probably have much greater safety requirements (1 construction worker dies every workday hour in the u.s.) and for women to risk death, they would require more more money. so either our homes would cost much more, or we would focus more on robotics and pre-fab homes, etc. these are just tips of the iceberg of questions that we open up once we move to the next evolutionary advance that includes our sons. one more example: when boys have their sense of purpose that includes disposability (e.g. football player; war hero) questioned, how do we help our sons find new senses of purpose? this must be our next international discussion.
What would one constrictive criticism of the men's human rights movement be? Most activists in any area--left or right; women's or men's-- read and develop friends who reinforce what makes us feel validated. technology makes this non-growth-producing trait more convenient than ever. the challenge is that it often takes this focus to be motivated to do things, and the activists' non-centered approach can lead the more moderate into feeling unheard at their national meetings, eventually withdraw,etc.
(be it the mhrm on reddit at /mensrights,, or the mhrm in general.) The best solution? developing the listening skill-set i discuss in a post below; experimenting with the possibility that, for example, the women and men's rights people have something valuable to offer and a best intent of making gender relations better. listening with that best intent in mind creates a much more rewarding life, much more intimacy and leads us to being much more often listened to.
Dr. Farrell, first let me just thank you for your work. The Myth of Male power was an incredible book that articulated many things that should have been obvious, but were far from it. You are an intellectually brave and compassionate man, and I'm grateful for the kind and tolerant model you provide for younger men. 1) In your recent lecture at University of Toronto, you mentioned "a PR agency's 2012 survey of almost half a million online subscribers asked the following question: 'Assuming you were a virgin, and you decided to sell your virginity, what realistically would be your asking price?" You reported that the average woman respondent valued her virginity at $10,000,000, and the average male answer was $1000 - a 900,000% gap between the sexual self worth of a man and a woman. 2) Are there any plans to publish the myth of male power in an electronic format? Thank you for your appreciation. you've put your fingers on the spirit of what i aspire to be. second, yes, my agent is working on publishing the myth of male power in electronic format.
By electronic format, does this include Audio Book? The Myth of Male Power is available as a 3 CD set (; i've rewritten the highlights of the book in a dialogue form that is much like this dialogue.
THANK YOU you for all the work you have done. You not only address serious issues which are important for many of us, but your personality and the way you present the items always give me hope that we will be able to change things so that men AND women will be able to live together in respectful and happy relationships. You are a great person! LEGAL things like family court, divorce laws and prison terms that are often unfair to men. On the other hand, we talk about. What is your opinion on this? Is one more important than the other? Should we tackle them individually? Or must we address both at the same time? Thank you so much for doing this AMA! P.s: If you have the time for a not so important question... Do you listen to rock music? I really appreciate your sense that i care about both genders hearing each other respectfully. i love it that so many of the questions here also have that tone of respect and caring. the first place to start is with communication skills. the Achilles' heel of humans is our inability to handle personal criticism from a loved one without becoming defensive. historically, when we heard criticism, we feared it might be an enemy, so we "got up our defenses" or tried to kill the criticizer before they killed us. this was functional for survival, but dysfunctional for intimacy. so we must have communication skills training not just for expressing feelings better but for doing a workaround in our brain that allows us to associate personal criticism with an opportunity to be love. for example, when we hear someone effectively, we know they will feel safe expressing themselves. when they feel safe, they feel loved, and that leads them to loving us more. that type of reprogramming our response to criticism leads to better quality marriages, therefor fewer divorces, fewer people in family court, and a family court system that is not adversarial but collaborative. we must all be part of a process of encouraging our daughters to value boys and men who have the potential for being good dads; and encourage our sons to babysit, take care of their siblings, and "cheer" them on for that like we cheer on our son who scores a touchdown. those type of personal changes will shift the foundation. finally, boys and men must do what women did to create changes: read, think, talk about our common experiences, organize...
Lemme ask the same question I asked Hanna Rosin - what do you think we can do to address the gender gap in college graduation rates? Also, same question but specifically for STEM fields? Re: the gap in college graduation rates, the number one issue the challenge so many boys have with postponed gratification. the best single solution is good boundary enforcement. as a boy or girl knows, say, they can't have their ice cream until they finish their peas, and that will be enforced "to the pea" so to speak, they learn to finish what they have to do (eat their peas) to get what they want (ice cream). once that is part of their everyday life, he or she can accomplish their goals, finish their homework, study for an exam, and become less fearful of failing.
Re: STEM fields, that will come about more and more as women become more likely to be the primary breadwinners. women in sales engineering earn 141% of men, but fewer women desire to be sales engineers, or engineers of any type than men--more women choose jobs that are fulfilling or in fields that are health, education and helping professions oriented.
Since you mentioned the Boy Scouts, what are your thoughts on the organization's position on homosexuality? I am opposed to the Boy Scouts' position on homosexuality. No, it goes deeper than that. I am deeply sad about it because the Boy Scouts encompassed one of my most meaningful experiences as a boy and they remind me of Lyndon Johnson getting stuck on the issue of Vietnam and having his effectiveness obliterated by a need to de facto resign. I know they are concerned about parental concerns of exposing their sons to overnights with someone who might have joined the Scouts for the wrong reason. On our commission to create a White House Council on Boys and Men is a gentleman affiliated with the Scouts. I'd love to be able to forward him some win-win solutions that can help the Scouts move forward, encompass gay leaders and scouts, and yet address parental concerns.
Thanks for doing this Dr Farrell. Why is it that for the vast majority of people whether it's the general public or our legislators there is an interest in and concern for the needs of girls and women but very little directed to boys and men? In addition to the disposability issue that i described in my last post, and the political orientation of feminism undervaluing men and the family, another contributor is the belief that men hold the positions of power and make the rules, so that if anything needs to be done, men are already in the position to do it, so no special attention is needed. however, this misses that part of being a man is repressing feelings, not expressing feelings; and focusing on what can make them a hero to women, such as dying in war, working 70 hour weeks as a cab driver to earn money so their family can have opportunities they didn't have, etc. in this era of undervaluing men we have also missed the enormous potential contributions of dads, and not seen how far our sons are falling behind. this is happening in all 35 of the most developed (industrialized) countries according to the OECD. it is a huge problem that has been neglected in part by letting the pendulum swing too far and fearing being politically incorrect.
What's the single most important thing the average person can do to advance an understanding of the challenges that men and boys are facing today? Start with reading Leonard Sax's Boys Adrift and Michael Gurian's Wonder of Boys or any of his other books on boys. Also, get involved with the Boy Scouts or Boys Clubs, and become a really curious listener. Finally,if you're a male, find boys without dads who need your mentorship.
Hope this helps. good question.
1.Advocacy for men and boys is often looked over. As a male in this society, what do you think is the biggest area in which men are at a disadvantage? Yes, i'd love that to start by universities having gender studies' depts that incorporated equally four perspectives: liberal females' (e.g., feminists); liberal males (e.g., mine and others); conservative females; conservative males. and that's just for starters.
Do you hope to see you areas of study merge with feminist thinkers to look at gender roles and inequality as a whole? This, though, would take an enormous disruption of the status quo at universities that could probably in reality only be accomplished by a group of students requesting this at a university, and if there was no responsiveness, suing the university for violating the 14th amendment's equal protection clause.
With all the work you've done, do you feel things are getting better or worse for men, or staying just the same? Do you feel your work is taken more or less seriously now than when you started? I feel progress in the area of judges understanding how important it is to have fathers about equally involved in children's lives.
The biggest negative is also in this area: 53% of women in the U.S. under 30 having children without being married usually results in little father contact.
I sadly predict that the increasing gap between rich and poor will be predicted by the increasing gap between families that are dad-rich vs. dad-poor. Dad rich families have much more father involvement than our grandfathers provided; dad-poor families much less or none. Or even worse, dads who are derided and therefore the child feels that the half of him or her that is the dad is inherently bad.
How many women will be on the council? I believe there are about 8 women and 23 men on the commission to create the council. Jennifer Granholm, the former Gov of Michigan, is the most liberal of the women; Christina Hoff-Sommers the most conservative. if you know of an outstanding female candidate, i'd be happy to know. we're trying to keep it very multi-partisan.
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2012.12.05 20:43 tabledresser [Table] IAmA Chief Operating Officer at a Top YouTube Network. Ask Me Anything

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Questions Answers
What is the most embarrassing story about Cenk you can remember? Holy shit, I can spend the next 4 hours telling Cenk stories. One quick story. He went on a date with my ex-GF. When they got back to her place after dinner, things started to get a bit romantic. Then he had to take a dump. She lived in a tiny apt in NYC so when he came out of the bathroom, the place stunk so bad that she had to ask him to leave. She opened all the windows even though it was bone chillingly cold outside.
Big fan of TYT here, been watching since 7th grade.. I'm a high school junior just beginning to look at colleges, and I have a couple questions. 1: what's your advice to someone my age who wants to pursue a career in journalism/polysci? What kind of journalism offers the best jobs, opportunities, etc (I.e. broadcasting, newspapers, etc) 2: what's it been like to see tyt expand so rapidly as it has these past few years? Journalism is dead. Sorry, but it's true. So few people actually do journalism now in the US, which is why TYT is so popular. You don't need to have a degree in anything. Just be well-read and learn everything possible about your world. Read everything.
3: what kind of process do you guys go through when picking stories for the show? what do you look for? 4: What's it like working with a Turkish barbarian like Cenk? It's great to see TYT grow so fast. It'll grow even faster in the next 2 years. Cenk is truly an awesome person. We've been friends for 28 years now and there are few people I've met in my life with as much integrity.
Ana, John, Jayar, Cenk, and Tom pick the stories with input from the rest of the team. We look for things that are important, topical, viral, relevant, and entertaining.
Why are you called the "Audio Guy?" It's a really dumb story that's not really even funny but Cenk finds it hilarious. When I first started at TYT, a YouTube commenter thought I was the audio guy b/c I sat next to Jayar one time. Cenk thought it was really funny that someone mistook me as Jayar's assistant. So he called me that a few times on air.
What does it take to get hired at TYT and what are some positions that you are looking for in the next year? We have a very stringent hiring standard at TYT. First we take people on as an unpaid intern. If they are good, then we make them a paid contractor. Then if we think they have the smarts & the personality & work ethic, etc, we make them an employee. We are slow to hire, but we never fire.
Unpaid intern? Haven't you guys railed on that in the past (I'm thinking Georgia State Government)? Maybe you could expand on that a little. What kind of hours are you talking about? Do these folks typically keep their "day jobs"? They come in a work a few hours a day for a few weeks or a couple of months. They usually have some other income source (usually small). Then we progress to paid contractor and then full employee. The reason for this long process isn't just to save money, but for us to have essentially an extended interview process to make sure that whoever we hire really fits our culture here.
Where do you hope TYT is at in 1 year and 10 years? In one year I want TYT to be at 100 employees with 20 owned and operated shows and 50 channel partners. In 10 years, I want to see TYT offices in UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, and more
When MSNBC and Cenk parted ways, were you relieved or disappointed? Can we get some "Elbow drop from the Sky" tshirts? Shits hilarious. I get the sense you and Cenk are mentoring the rest of the cast. Any truth to that? Watching the stream of Cenk at the Money Out of Politics conference at UCLA was awesome, can that happen more often? I love Cenk, but it seems like he really dominates the airtime, any way to dole that out more evenly? I feel bad for Ana sometimes =\ My roommates love TYT now, my little bro a PoliSci/Business major, and a few other randoms...but you guys deserve more do we get there? Who is the ONE person you would love to have on the show for a Cenk Pay Per View beatdown? I was happy when Cenk left MSNBC. His time commitments to MSNBC made my life and those dedicated to the online show much more difficult. MSNBC just wanted Cenk, not TYT. I guess Cenk and I are mentoring others in some ways since we are much older, but we learn so much from them as well. I love the team we have, really smart, dedicated, good people.
Yes, we'll do live streams of TYT staff playing games (not me or Cenk, we don't play video games) Money out of politics conference at UCLA was fantastic, not just Cenk, but all the other panelists and participants. Lessig was his usual outstanding self.
Ana will LOVE you for this comment. Look, Cenk's a talker and it's impossible to shut him up. What can we do? We have been doing a lot more marketing and PR this year and our numbers have shot up. We'll keep doing that. Thank you for spreading the word about us. I'd love to have Bill O'Reiley on for a mano-a-mano showdown with Cenk. That would be great for so many reasons.
We'd love to get NDT on the show. We have been trying to get him on The Point to no avail so far.
A lot of TYT fans get pissed off when you guys do segments on gun control. Pretty much all of the Facebook comments are anti-gun control, and they get a large number of likes. I'm personally neutral on the issue, but I was wondering if you take the dissatisfaction into account, and what your response to one of the main arguments pro-gun TYT watchers use, which is gun control would end up the same as the failed drug war? We are heavily in favor of gun control. The idea that we shouldn't regulate such a deadly device is so idiotic to me. If we can't regulate guns, then maybe we can't regulate explosives. What if I preferred to arm myself with grenade instead of guns. Can I walk into stadiums and churches and schools with a whole bunch of grenades? The 2nd amendment never specifies "guns". It just says "arms", so I guess if we apply the pro-gun logic, we can't regulate ANY weapons.
I don't care what our fan reaction is going to be. We report our opinions and commentary honestly. We don't fake it for popularity. That's why I think our fans love us even when they disagree - b/c we aren't lying or pretending.
What are your responsibilities as a Chief Operating Officer at TYT? I handle all aspects of the business side of TYT, everything from managing our relationship with YouTube, making partnerships with other content creators, green lighting new shows, developing business opportunities with other companies, speaking with potential investors. I also oversee the day to day operations to make sure that things are running smoothly - hiring people, setting schedules, determining salaries and bonuses, etc.
What do you think was the turning point or catalyst for TYT's success? Was there a time when it just surged or was it gradual growth? There was no single turning point. Cenk built this thing brick by brick over a period of many years with a tiny budget and a tiny staff of dedicated, poorly paid, people. We got a real boost during the Bush years when we were the only news outlet screaming AGAINST the Iraq War. Also, we made the critical decision to post our videos on YouTube rather than just on our own website. This was back in 2005 when YouTube first launched. Getting an early start on YouTube really helped.
What is your favorite show on TYT Network? Easy. Pop Trigger. I love this channel even though I generally hate celebrity and pop news. The host, Samantha Schacher is an absolute gem. I totally love her. She is smart, beautiful, engaging, funny, and truly kind. She is fantastic. Bree Essrig is also amazing and we are incredibly grateful that she is part of the show. Lastly Tom Hanc at TYT has done a masterful job of producing the show.
Do you think TYT will one day have a Science channel? That is my dream. I am a massive science geek at heart. We just need to find the right talent to host and produce. I want to do it right, and to do so, it's going to take some money.
A few months ago I saw you at VidCon in front of the Starbucks. I didn't say hello because you seemed preoccupied. Yes, I will be at all VidCons. Please stop by and say hello next time. I am never too busy to meet our audience. We love the support from you guys and we understand that we wouldn't be where we are without you.
Will I get to see you again next year at VidCon 2013? Who from TYT will probably be attending? What about Playlist Live? Not sure about the live playlist. I'll ask our tech guys about that.
What was it like when you lost to my fantasy team in the TYT fantasy football league? Also, how many people try to get jobs at TYT and what do you look for in someone that wants to be part of the actual TYT army? When I lost to you in fantasy football, it was the most painful moment of my life. Not. We get many, many inquiries about working here at TYT. We look for really smart people who are independent minded, easygoing, and have a great work ethic and integrity. Also, I only hire people that I like at a personal level. Would I enjoy or dread sitting next to you on a cross country flight? If the latter, no way do you get hired.
What did you guys do in celebration of the President's victory last month? Nothing. There isn't much to celebrate in my mind. Yes, Romney would have been an utter disaster for the country, but I think Pres Obama has a TON of work to do to help the lives of ordinary Americans and get the country back on the right track. His record on civil liberties is appalling. His position on cutting SS and Medicare to fund tax cuts for corporations scare me. I like Obama and I'm rooting for him, but I'm holding his feet to the fire and want to put as much pressure on him as possible to do what the people want, not the corporations and the wealthiest 0.1%
Has there ever been a time that you and Cenk have ever pissed each other off to the point where there was yelling involved? Yes. This happened many times, usually during sports. We are both hyper competitive and sometimes our emotions get the best of us.
What do you think will happen to news on television? Will there be a place for it in five years? Fifteen years? I think television news has to evolves to become relevant. Fox News viewers are dying off. MSNBC has become the establishment Democratic channel. I'm not sure what CNN is. They have to be HONEST with their reporting and stop calling everything even. TV is dying anyway, and TV news is dying even faster.
Is there a TYT Keith Olbermann feud? Can you guys get Dylan Ratigan on the show so we can get an update on where he is now that he left MSNBC? No feud with KO. He took a few shots at us when he left Current but there was no feud. Cenk and Dylan are good friends. Dylan is taking a well deserved break after his long days working in NYC all these years. He'll resurface in 2013.
Thks for doing this Steve, watching you guys since i was living in NY, and now moved to Istanbul. are you guys planing to open a branch over here in Turkey? And how would you plan to keep your way of thinking with too many different views(if TYT go global), is that means no border, unite? :) thank you for your time Yes!!! We definitely want to expand to Turkey. BTW, I've been to Turkey and LOVED it: Istanbul, Bodrum, Selcuk (sp?), Pammukale, and Ephesus. I'd love to visit again.
Hope to see you guys soon in Istanbul, may be i can work for you guys :) btw spellings are correct 98% That would be great. We should have a meet up with fans in Turkey.
Are you guys considering doing another arm wrestling competition like last year? It seems like it would be much more interesting this time round since TyT has so many more female employees and contributors. No arm wrestling b/c a few of us actually injured ourselves. We want to do other competitions though. Dance off? Ping pong maybe? Not sure yet.
What do you recommend to students or recent grads studying journalism now? Ana and I were both student reporters who didn't end up getting into the small-market news route, but our (especially hers) paths are not easy to imitate. I actually don't have any recommendations b/c I never went to journalism school. Everything is so scripted now on TV and corporate interests seem to trump so much that I find TV journalism just awful (if not dead). Print is much better, but the really good stuff is buried and headlines are often sensational. Not sure what you get out of journalism school and not sure what the best path is. I do love investigative journalism, but less and less of that happening now.
What was your career path prior to becoming COO of The Young Turks? I ran and operated a number of other businesses. When I sold one of them in 2010, Cenk asked me to come on board at TYT. I took on the role of business development but then gradually took over the head of all operations.
We're seeing that digital drives the bus in content production. What initiatives/ plans to you have continue/ strengthen TYT's digital/ online presence? We want to increase the amount of content that we generate, both by increasing the number of shows and increasing the output of each show. Also, we have big plans for global expansion.
How did Cenk's conservatism when he was younger affect your friendship with him? Cenk's youthful conservatism was comical and the rest of the guys in our group bonded by mocking him. Sometimes, he was fucking unbearable. It's great to see his evolution.
Thanks for doing this Steve! great read. Not sure if you are still answering but ill toss you a question. When are you going to visit my nations Capital? Ottawa could use a visit from TYT! What's up, bro?! Great to hear from you. You know how much I love Canada so I'd love to visit Ottawa soon. The problem is, I love Vancouver so much that I'll probably visit there again, which means my next visit to Canada won't be Ottawa.
Wow, that's awesome. Is that recorded somewhere? I went back and forth all night, but missed it. I don't think that's available, but I know they want to have a real debate one day. Stay tuned.
Weren't TYT on Revision3 at some point? What was it like working with them? Why did you guys leave that network? It's a goal of mine to get on Revision3! Yes, we were with Revision 3 and those guys are FANTASTIC to work with and if I had a small YouTube channel, I'd definitely want to be a part of their network. We left them b/c we wanted to be independent. As nice as they were, we just didn't like being part of someone else's network. We wanted to be on our own.
Did they reach out to TYT to be one their network or did you guys go to them? They reached out to us. We are still very close with them and meet up for dinnedrinks all the time.
The other night, Gideon Yu came in and had dinner at the restaurant where I work. He was very unpretentious and I would never have known he was anything other than an average joe wearing a t-shirt if his dining partner hadn't name dropped him when he realized they'd forgotten to make a reservation. Did you get the chance to work with him or correspond with him when he was at YouTube? Is he as unpretentious/awesome all the time as he was that night? Also, do you think Psy will be the first to break 1 billion views? Don't know who Gideon Yu is. Sorry. And yes, Psy will def be the first to break 1 billion views. He is an international sensation and I really can't believe how fast he's become so huge.
What are some BIG issues you've disagreed with Cenk on and why? Not really. We used to disagree quite a bit about gay rights and women's issues, but we pretty much agree now on most of it.
Yeah it's always going to be a bit awkward. If you don't know her that well I think it's probably best to act like you normally would with small talk. Or just perhaps say something you'd say to someone who had a big change that's more typical like losing a lot of weight. So if you met someone a couple of times in a professional setting and they lost a lot of weight the next time you saw them, you probably wouldn't say anything. But if you knew them well you probably would say something positive. I think the same idea applies to people who have transitioned. Most of the proper etiquette comes with what not to ask like about surgery or what medical procedures they've had done. That will be taken in the same way as if anyone was randomly asked about their genitals, not well. Also important is to not ask about their old identity, because trans people are really trying to seen for who they are, and those questions tend to imply you're asking "but who are you really?" This makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.
Was there any weirdness going on between Jennifer Granholm and Cenk during the Current Pres. Election coverage? Cenk was keeping it real, and it seemed like there were a few times she shot off her eye lasers. Mad props to him for keeping it real with one of the Dems' big convention speakers. No weirdness at all. Cenk is very close with Granholm, who is genuinely a sweet person.
What specifically did you find unappealing about a career in law? I was a civil litigator in a large law firm. We represented a huge multi-national corporation. Our client would sue and get sued by other large multi-national corporations. There were millions, sometimes billions at stake so they always settled b/c neither side wanted to risk losing everything. I really didn't give a shit who won or lost and they always settle anyway. They paid well but it was a soulless existence.
Hi Steve, longtime fan here from New Zealand currently studying journalism. It is my goal to bring TYT to new zealand and I see here that you already have plans to expand globally. How exactly are you approaching this aspiration and what advice to you have for those on the other end who wish to help make it happen? Once we have sufficient funding, we want to visit all the different countries where we want to set up TYT and we'll have an audition to hire 4 to 6 hosts for that country's TYT. It will be a while before we make it to NZ, but keep in touch with us so you'll know when we are out there.
Is Ana and Cenk as attractive as they seem online? They both look better on camera than in real life just like most celebrities do, but they look pretty close to what you see. I saw Alec Baldwin once near my house and was horrified at how bad he looked in person. Maybe he was having a particularly bad day.
I'm a composesongwriter and I'd love to write music for the show, whether it be for advertisements or for the breaks. How do you guys select music for the breaks in-between segments during the live shows? Who selects the music? Jayar or whoever is running the sound board (Ricky, Dave Koller, Mark, etc) choose the music during breaks.
Yes, we have several composers who do stuff for us.
If an offender reoffends after getting released from prison instead of getting the death penalty then who's to blame? Did you know 84% of rapists reoffend after getting released from prison? I don't understand your question. We don't execute rapists.
Could you have another all-producers The Point episode? Yes, we will do it the week between Christmas and New Year.
What is TYT? who is cenk/
Cenk is the host of the show.
What do you think has been the secret to your success as a COO? No real "secret". Just work hard, have good judgment, do the right thing, and get lucky every now and then.
How hot is Ana in real life, don't lie. Come on, she's like my little sister! No, she's not hot at all to me but most people find her hot.
You should host or co-host more often. Thanks! I get that a lot. I do enjoy co-hosting on occasion but I don't like to do it more than once or twice a month. Besides, I have so many duties here that I really can't host more.
I do declare! Tell how you really feel about Cenk's "rich guy" imitation. It SUCKS. His "rich guy" imitation is the same as his "British" imitation, and he uses the phrase "I do declare" for both, but I told him that that phrase is more of a southern US thing than a British thing. It's his go to move. What can you do?
I just read through all of your answers and half-way through I realized that I was reading them in your voice. I have no idea why your voice has been internalized, but maybe it's like Morgan Freeman and it's just hard to get rid of... Thank you for doing this, very cool! Wow, what a compliment to be compared to Morgan Freeman. Thanks!
Actually, I can't believe you replied to that. :) In all seriousness though, I definitely like what you add to the show and most of your opinions are well-thought out and add to the conversation at hand. I have a huge advantage in only chiming in when I have something smart and well-thought out to say. It's so much harder to host as you're up there just talking extemporaneously. Cenk and Ana do a really amazing job, so I try to give them a pass when they misspeak or misstate something, but I'm a cranky sticker about facts and figures so I get annoyed anyway.
Just a comment, You guys are the best. I watch every video on the main TYT channel and most of the live streams. Best news source ever. You guys dont give a fk what others think. Mainstream media is too mainstream. That's exactly right. We tell it as we see it. That doesn't mean that we are always correct, but it does mean that we always say what we think and that we don't put a corporate spin or suck up to power for access. Thanks for the continued support!
Audio guy, lets see them Korean tits ;) (o) (o)
Drawn to scale.
I just want to say thank you for being the one to consistently regulate on the show; not everyone has what it takes to stick it to Cenk if need be (still love ya Cenk lol). PS: You, Jesus, and Jayar need your own show. NOW. Thanks. I've been calling Cenk out for 28 years now. I agree with him 92% of the time, but when I disagree, I let him know. To his credit, he takes criticism really well. He's the anti-diva, which is great.
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tl;dr: Fuck Michigan, nuff said First off I work in commission based sales in Michigan, in a store that has little to no traffic. On the up side they give you compensation for not making commission. So until I can drive sales I make 11.10 an hour. However I lost my license almost 3 years ago due to a second offense O.W.I. (Operating while impaired) and just recently went to the driving review board to try and get my license reinstated. First after putting the paper work in it took them about 5 weeks to give me a date to see the driving board, after going to the board it took them 6 weeks to give me there answer, which was a big HELL NO. Now i've got to wait another year before I can appeal again. Have I not suffered enough? Almost 3 years of not driving, trying my hardest to find rides to and from work, not being able to take good jobs because I wouldn't have a way to and from, keeping each job I have in jeopardy because I may not have a ride to work from time to time. It's bullshit. I've paid a lot of money to the courts and state, i've went to AA and drug and alcohol abuse therapy, i've done everything they've asked. But because they want more money, and because they can, I can't even have a fucking restricted license, or a machine in my car that I have to blow in to start the engine. Fuck Michigan I am out of this fucking shit hole state ASAP, fuck Jennifer Granholm in her Ugly Canadian loving ass, fuck all the other faggot ass currupt politicians, AND THE FUCKING POOR DUMB FUCKS THAT WASTE MY TIME AT WORK! God damn im pissed!
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