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Second date during Lockdown?

2020.11.24 19:23 Tetrylene Second date during Lockdown?

Went on a great date this weekend. Good chemistry, conversation flowed well, lots of things we're compatible on. It had to be a 'walk in the park' date that ended up lasting two hours. We lapped the town centre and all of the parks a few times.
Now we're about to setup the second date, and I don't know what the ettique is here. Going out and walking through the park again seems a waste of a second date. I am inclined to suggest inviting her over to cook something and to watch a movie, but that has an obvious connotation to it which might come off too strongly for a second date. I genuinely don't know what I can suggest otherwise because there is literally nothing else to do especially seeing as it's getting pretty cold.
Any ideas?
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2020.01.26 17:39 kez-23 Needing some advice about chatting to more than one person

Hi all
So I'm single after 11years of being in a relationship. I'm trying the Tinder thing. But now I'm in a moral dilemma. Is it ok to chat to more than one person? Most of the people I have talked to have children so we tend to WhatsApp etc for a while before the talks of meeting come up. I'm happy with this. I've been chatting to someone for about a month now and have asked twice to meet for coffee. He has said sure but never makes an actual date. I'm feeling I'd like to rather try chat to other people. I mean I'd actually like to meet someone. Is that ok ettique? Do I cut of contact before pursuing someone new?
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2019.12.09 22:40 Preacherwolf How...Just...How Do I Do This?

I'm 28. Never dated before, socially awkward and highly introverted. So naturally I've decided to try and sign up for online dating apps because thats completely in character for me.
To say that I am out of my depth is akin to saying that a penguin is not really at home in the savannahs. I just need some direction here? What exactly is the ettique here (apart from don't open with a picture of my junk) amd basically just any other kind of navigation tips here?
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2019.12.09 22:00 Preacherwolf How...just how do I do this?

I'm 28. Never dated before, socially awkward and highly introverted. So naturally I've decided to try and sign up for online dating apps because thats completely in character for me.
To say that I am out of my depth is akin to saying that a penguin is not really at home in the savannahs. I just need some direction here? What exactly is the ettique here (apart from don't open with a picture of my junk) amd basically just any other kind of navigation tips here?
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2018.10.09 10:16 Lookanothergaymil Prenup Patricia in: The wedding drama (Part 2 electric bugaloo, this time is personal.)

Hey ya'll! It's been a while that whole kids thing takes up a lot of time. Along with other personal projects. But I missed you all, and I bring more tales of my incompetent MIL! *cue looney tunes music
So at about 5 months out of the wedding, I begin to realize I probably should plan this thing. At the time some of our save the dates have come back and many of my relatives had checked they weren't coming. (I'm a dumbass.) In my haste and love blindness I had neglected to think of the crowd. We had planned a destination wedding and the costs were way high. So we came to a decision to have the thing in our home city and then go travel for our honeymoon. The people are more important than the place imo.
Now how does this factor into my MIL? Good question. See I'm new money. My hubby is old money. These are shitty terms we use to describe what generation people got there wealth. DH grew up in private schools and with maids. Patricia put all of her kids through ettique classes while they were growing up. She also refers to there maids and cooks as "the help"(Silver spoon)
I grew up briefly in what could be considered the ghetto( Gunshots most nights) and lower middle class my young life. I'm super lucky my parents were as smart as they were. We didn't become wealthy until my late teens. My non immediate family is not as lucky but most of them are stable. We joke that my dad side of the family could have been what Shameless is based off of. (Disturbingly true) My mother's side are immigrants I'm a first gen immigrant technically.
My family is not sophisticated as a result. They are wonderful classy and fun people and DH and I choose a wedding venue to suit that. Buffet style wedding, games scattered throughout (bags, volleyball, beer pong.), a shit ton of liquor, some wedding games and casual dress. It was gonna be so fun. (10/10)
Patricia calls sobbing. Actual fucking crocodile tears. These were her complaints in order of importance.
-How could we expect our guests to eat buffet style it's so uncivilized. (Cooked by a ton of fine dining chefs instead of a wedding present and not 80$ a palte.)
-The dress code is unfair she already bought a dress. (You buy a new dress every week ya old biddy.)
-How could I use my rent-a-kid as our ring bearer DH's 3 year old cousin was dying to do so. (* explanation at bottom)
-Her guests will have to brush elbows with those ruffians.(My family?)
-Insinuating the change was because we were fiscally irresponsible children. (Hypocrite)
-Textbook homophobic shit and other bullshit about me being a shit partner.(Mmm MIL tears.)
DH wrote all of them down In his notebook and told his mom he would consider what she was saying. She amazingly instantly stopped crying with a suprised "really?" ofc shes his mom and he should consider her opinions. He then proceeded to write full essay (With help and annotations from a dashing anonymous source.) Refuting each point with why it was inconsiderate, disrespectful, and rude.
My favorite was: "Mom I dont care what you think about these people you've never met, I'm marrying into these ruffians and they've shown more love and support in a single day than you've ever showed OP." He then posted those essays in thier family group chat showing what a bitch she was being.
I love when all is quiet from Patricia, those are blessed days.
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2018.03.03 13:30 Lpup Dick Show Steam Gaming Weekend Saturday 4pm to 11:59pm and Sunday 4pm to 8pm EST Link and details inside
6th post is everything more or less ironed out. It reads...
Thanks to all people who showed up on the Steam thread. The first Reddit thread did well but people got sick of that shit by the 2nd thread. I will post an announcement on the reddit reminding people we still doing this today. I suspect a lot of flaking, which honestly isn't too bad a thring. I've had amazing times playing in groups of 2 or 3 people and seen total cluster fucks when it's in the hundreds.
If anyone is able to get the group admin to set it up as an official event that pings people in this group that would be nice.
I'll be in the STEAM chatroom all weekend. I suggest just oppening the chatroom window and leaving it open and just popping in and out as you please.
If you wanna play anything and it's a game I have, shoot me a dirrect message (even if outside official start and end times of 4:00pm-11:59pm EST saturday and 4:00pm-8:00pm Sunday)
I'll try and be as available as I can to everyone durring the "event" (if you can call it that, I wanted to see how interested Dickheads would be in gaming together and if we could all agree to play something together or if we'd argue over what to play) and even outside of the event
Add me if you like. I can be a bit abbrassive and am kinda unlikable but I will try and be nice when I'm not acting like a Fruity McGayGay
Feel free to send dirrect messages even if I'm listed as away. I'm trying to be as easily accessable and approachable as possible. Please do not take offense if I take a little while to respond back. I may be running errands, sleeping, etc.
It's great for head count, but what it also does is notify Everyone via their little green envelope notification. It's a good way to let people know what changes are going on
While an official list is great for having an idea what everyone is into, I'm realizing in practice it would be a disaster as a hard rule. Many people who say they are up for playing some game over the weekend and post about it on a Reddit thread can be equally as flakey.
the official list isn't as official as it seems. it's more of a guide than anything
The STEAM chatroom is our best bet for guessing how people who bothered to show up feel about what games we should all play and we can do a live straw poll as well as get suggestions.
If a game you don't own was selected and you feel left behind, don't worry.
Don't be affraid to message someone and pair off with another person who was a straggler. No one is gonna force you two to wait around for everyone. You find someone who wants to Play Tekken with you while everyone does an hour of GTA V go for it.
We've all been there. Gaming in a group, have a good time one guy doesn't wanna stick arround because they wanna stay in one gamemode and slowly the group splinters until you're playing with yourself again. I'm not your mother, I can't tell you what to do, but please consider that if we all had a good time on a game you don't wanna leave, we might all agree with you and go again for another hour. Seperately we are twigs that can be broken with ease, but bundled together we are a mighty unbreakable faggot.
OFF STEAM SCREEN NAMES (and a general good practice online)
We may all decide playing a non-steam game seems like a good idea. However not all gaming platforms and screen names are built equally. Steam is more or less well built for rough and tumble fun, but to remain on the side of caution non-steam ID's should be private messaged via steam to everyone who is playing. 
I will co-ordinate best I can in these situations to gather the party.
While much like an official list of games seems like a good idea but in practice not so much, limiting ourselves to a single official voice chat works the same. Here are ideas, per game we play will be decided in STEAM CHAT
Steam chat 'ettique'
I'm not your mother, I can't tell you what to do. However, in order to prevent the chat into devolving into shit and then no one talking.
and of course if all else fails and you just aren't clicking in chat but want to still game, shoot me a message. I'll try and ease any austism and spectral related discomfort as well as I can.
Look forward to this becoming a failed shit show
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2017.11.28 00:52 SkyfireNexus After spending 4 years in High School, these are the things I won't know how to do

  1. Pay taxes
  2. Buy a house
  3. Apply for a mortgage
  4. Take out a loan
  5. Do basic maintenance
  6. Reason and apply logic
  7. Budget
  8. Date
  9. Look for a suitable partner
  10. Manners and Ettique
  11. Apply for a job
  12. Have a successful job interview
  13. Time mangement
  14. Find my passion
  15. Basic cooking
  16. Basic First aid
  17. Driving
  18. Getting insurance (and knowing when to not get it)
But hey, I know how to find the derivative of an equation, so it's all good, right? I think it's insane how we spend more time learning about how elements fit together than people.
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2013.03.03 08:30 throwaway_first_date First Date to Second date? (50/F, 36/M) 1st Post

Last week I had the best first date of my life. We hit it off and found so many things in common. He told me many times how lovely I looked and how much he enjoyed the date. We tentatively discussed dating in a couple of weeks. It's been a week and I haven't heard from him and not sure if I should call or wait for him to call. Dating was never this hard im sure and I have no idea what the ettique is today. Thanks for any advice!!!
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2011.05.29 09:23 UsernametakenFFUUUUU Matching suit/shirt/tie to date's dress

I have a formal/prom (whatever) coming up, my date is wearing a black full length black gown and a white sash thing. I have a charcoal suit, black silk tie, white shirt. Basic stuff. Will this do to match it? Should i rock a waist coat too?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also if you have any tips on formal ettique on how to behave and what to buy for the lady OR any place to research it on would be forever grateful.
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