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Principales herramientas GRATUITAS para análisis bursatil, económico y patrimonial

2020.10.13 22:08 adanchalino Principales herramientas GRATUITAS para análisis bursatil, económico y patrimonial

Comparto a continuación las mejores herramientas GRATUITAS para análisis bursátil y económico en internet
Multipl: Te ofrece los principales indicadores y múltiplos del mercado (S&P 500), como PE Ratio, CAPE ratio, 10 year treasury, dividend yield, etc. Te da el último valor, así como su variación en el tiempo, promedio y rangos en los que históricamente se ha movido.
Finimize: Updates y resúmenes de lo más relevante de los mercados y la economía que no ocupan ni 5 minutos de tu tiempo pero que te permiten estar actualizado. Versión gratis ofrece estos quick updates y tienen una versión Premium en la que ofrecen contenido adicional.
Zacks stock screener: Como su nombre lo dice, te permite realizar filtros personalizados de acciones en Mercado Americano. Útil si te gusta el stock picking.
Portfolio visualizer: Para quien quiera darle seguimiento al allocation de su portafolio y poder jugar con los factores que lo componen para lograr un portafolio que teóricamente se encuentre lo más cerca de la frontera eficiente.
Yahoo Finance: Sin duda el más utilizado, sin embargo creo que no muchos le sacan todo el potencial que tiene. Desde sus series de datos históricas, hasta el acceso que brindan a los transcripts de los conference calls.
México se encuentra aún bastante atrasado en poder tener servicios similares, sin embargo, existen bases de datos bastante valiosas para el análisis también.
Inegi: Una base de datos sumamente robusta, aunque en ocasiones poco amigable para navegar y encontrar lo que quieres en un mar de datos. Aún así bastante completa en lo general.
CNBV: Excelente para encontrar temas relacionados con el estado de las instituciones financieras del país. Útil para encontrar niveles de capitalización de las instituciones cuando uno está analizando si meter dinero en alguna de ellas.
Condusef: Tiene algunas calculadoras, un poco básicas, pero aún así útiles para temas de ahorro, hipotecas, etc.
Consar: útil para poder conocer y comparar los retornos de las distintas afores, así como de temas regulatorios y actualizaciones a sus modalidades de inversión.
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2020.10.01 09:14 gigiii23242 r/learnpython, Python script runs out of memory

Hi learnpython, I’m new in python and I need help for some problems that I have found.
I created a python script that should manage my home, in my code I used kivy as a graphic interpreter and multiprocessing to run two processes in the same time. The problem is that the script runs out of memory and the Raspberry Pi kill it, any idea how to solve it????
I tried with ‘del’ but it didn’t work, so I placed ‘gc.collect()’ after each ‘del’ and now the script runs out of memory every four days but when I call a function from telegram (I used telepot as telegram library) it doesn’t answer me back.
Honestly I called gc.collect() every time I could but i think it doesn't work.

This is an example how I used ‘gc.collect()’ in a function that restart every second and a function that run every 30 seconds:
def __init__(self, **kwargs): giorno_corrente.put(int(0)) ora_corrente.put(float(0)) super(ClockLabel, self).__init__(**kwargs) Clock.schedule_interval(self.update, 1) Clock.schedule_interval(self.update1, 30) def update(self, *args): cestino = giorno_corrente.get() giorno_corrente.put(int(now.strftime("%w"))-1) self.text = now.strftime("%H:%M:%S \n %d/%m/%Y \n %A") cestino = ora_corrente.get() ora_corrente.put(float(now.strftime("%H")) * 100 + float(now.strftime("%M"))) del cestino, now gc.collect() def update1(self, *args): temp= float(temp_ideale.get()) temp_ideale.put(temp) sm.get_screen('menu').ids['temp_ideal'].text = str(temp) + '°' temp_manuale = float(tmanuale.get()) tmanuale.put(temp_manuale) sm.get_screen('impostazioni').ids['temp_man'].text = str(temp_manuale) temperatura_corrente = float(temp_corrente.get()) temp_corrente.put(temperatura_corrente) if(temp

This is a function that i run every time I press a button on the display :
def set_up(self): i= float(tmanuale.get()) +1 tmanuale.put(i) sm.get_screen('impostazioni').ids['temp_man'].text = str(i)+'°' del i gc.collect() 
This is one of the two processes that check if the temperature is right or not :
def manuale(tmanuale, temp_corr, temp_ideal): while True: time.sleep(30) temperatura = float(temp_corr.get()) temp_corr.put(temperatura) temp=float(tmanuale.get()) temp_ideal.get() temp_ideal.put(temp) tmanuale.put(temp) print(temp) if (temperatura < temp): GPIO.output(14, GPIO.HIGH) if (temperatura >= temp): GPIO.output(14, GPIO.LOW) del temperatura, temp gc.collect() 

This fuction check the message received to send back an answer:
def on_chat_message(self, msg): content_type, chat_type, chat_id = telepot.glance(msg) print(chat_id) if (True): name = msg["from"]["first_name"] txt = msg['text'] temperatura = float(temp_corrente.get()) temp_corrente.put(temperatura) mode = sm.get_screen('menu').ids['funzione'].text solare = float(solar.get()) solar.put(solare) corrente = float(enel.get()) enel.put(corrente) if (txt=='Info'): bot.sendMessage(chat_id, 'ciao %s, ecco le tue informazioni:'%name) bot.sendMessage(chat_id, 'Temperatura in casa: %s°'%temperatura) bot.sendMessage(chat_id, 'Modalità: %s'%mode) bot.sendMessage(chat_id, 'Pannelli solari: %s W'%solare) bot.sendMessage(chat_id, 'Eni: %s W'%corrente) elif (txt=='Imposta temperatura'): bot.sendMessage(chat_id, 'Digita la temperatura desiderata') self._propose() elif (txt=='Imposta modalità'): sent = self.sender.sendMessage('Scegli la modalità:', reply_markup=self.keyboard2) del temperatura, solare, corrente, name, txt, content_type, chat_type, chat_id, msg gc.collect() 
Thank you very much.
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2019.12.16 14:53 erikmila Dark Souls III White Screen on Startup

Hello, I just bought the game for 2 days it does not work at the start of the game, a white screen and the cursor appears and closes at 10 seconds regardless of what I do and I have the new computer from 1 month ago.
My English is very bad sorry for that Please
I would appreciate if someone could help me
My specs are:
Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-9700k
CPU @ 3.60GHz
RAM: 16.0GB 3200
Nvidia Geforce 2070 Super

I try to Change the screen resolution, install all the drivers and libraries, I tried to deactivate the windows event log, I tried to disconnect the screen, the keyboard and the mouse while starting the game, I have run CCleaner, I have tried to update the GTA V, I have tried to pass the entire game of my other computer with a pen, I have tried to verify the local files, modify the graphics settings file in every possible way, I have changed all the panel options of nvidia control, I have tried from the task manager to change the priority to high, I do not have overclock or use afterburner or riva tuner, I close all the programs in the background.
In the error I have in the window registry is this:
Nombre de la aplicación con errores: DarkSoulsIII.exe, versión:, marca de tiempo: 0x598a43ef Nombre del módulo con errores: nvwgf2umx.dll, versión:, marca de tiempo: 0x5dd5c1bc Código de excepción: 0xc0000005 Desplazamiento de errores: 0x00000000003e4d23 Identificador del proceso con errores: 0x196c Hora de inicio de la aplicación con errores: 0x01d5b40c8c87d883 Ruta de acceso de la aplicación con errores: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game\DarkSoulsIII.exe Ruta de acceso del módulo con errores: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_908ce7c301d9e0c2\nvwgf2umx.dll Identificador del informe: 6ca75b69-9558-416e-a512-ddbae8424030 Nombre completo del paquete con errores: Identificador de aplicación relativa del paquete con errores:
I really want to play this game, I would be very grateful if you could help me.
Thanks in advance.
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2019.09.03 06:21 LeakySkylight July 5 2019 patch killed network data on my Zenfone 4 Max ZC554KL [Help]

[SOLVED WITH WORK AROUND] As the title suggests, I updated my security level on my Zc554KL when prompted, and now I don't get any data, just voice and SMS.
I believe I've tried everything, including toggling Network modes trying different SIMS, different carriers, different SIM slots, deregistering and re-registering my SIM, safe mode, changing almost every mobile data setting I could, and even resetting network and other settings. I've been through every forum that Asus has as far as I know and it's just lesson in frustration.
Funny enough the only firmware I can find for my phone it's exactly the firmware I have with the patch level I just updated to. I can't imagine that's going to help very much.
I'm not going to do another factory reset because I did one last month, and I really do need the media I have on here for work.
Has anyone else had this issue?
And does anyone have any solutions?
Thank you very much in advance!
Edit: Also, alarms don't work, lol and now some of the settings are in spanish, right next to the english ones. "Hotspot and Tethering: Crear punto de acceso Wi-Fi" (and then it says "Tap to set up" right under, like "we're cool. Nothing happened.").
Signal strength is normal. Mobile network type is HSPA (Normal, but really should be LTE, either works) Service Status: Voice: In-service / Data: In-service Mobile network state: Either Disconnected or Connecting, never connected Baseband kernel: WW_ZC554KL_15.2016.1907.519_20190724
How does one roll back a security update?
FOUND IT!! There is a 1x1-pixel wide and tall "Edit" button to the right of each radio button in the white-space of the phone. It is always the same colour as the background, so it is black in dark mode. That's some stellar design right there.
I only found it with a screen-wide pixel hunt. Literally hundreds of taps. I stopped counting at 300. So the security patch + the my SIM denies adding any new APNs, and the security patch hid the edit buttons.
Please let me know if anyone else has this issue, of if this doesn't solve your issue.
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2019.05.01 13:30 Greased_Stairs Help to bridge the international information divide between the true events in Venezuela and the mixed and biased reports coming from Venezuela

I am an American, far removed from the current events happening in Venezuela. I've seen the video thats been shared of people marching down a highway with the flow of people going from the left to the right of the screen, people who are walking are farthest from the camera, cars are mostly driving on the side of the highway closest to the camera. This video has been presented in different ways by different people. I face the same problem with other videos aswell. Same video, different presentation.
What I wish to ask is those who are currently living in Venezuela, those who know, those who are experiencing what is going on. Those who have access to the world. Is to risk. Risk what will be taken from you if dont.
If what Im confident is going on in Venezuela is true, which is governmental tyranny, as an American loving, American goverment hating individual, I ask is to upload your OWN videos of what is going on, with your reddit name shown in the video as a form of verification of where the clip originates, and voice what is happening, even if it's not in English, and there is no need to show your face.
I also ask those who can translate, to translate the videos of the redditors who upload into what ever languages you can, and check that other translations are accurate aswell.
I personally only speak english, I will google translate this entire post into spanish and Portuguese. I know that google translate isnt perfect so if you can more accurately translate this post please do, and I will update it accordingly.
Ayuda a cerrar la brecha de información internacional entre los verdaderos eventos en Venezuela y los informes mixtos y sesgados que provienen de Venzuelan
Soy un estadounidense, muy alejado de los acontecimientos actuales que suceden en Venezuela. He visto el video que se ha compartido de personas que marchan por una carretera con el flujo de personas que van de la izquierda a la derecha de la pantalla, las personas que caminan están más alejadas de la cámara, los autos en su mayoría están manejando en el costado de la cámara. Carretera más cercana a la cámara. Este video ha sido presentado de diferentes maneras por diferentes personas. Me enfrento al mismo problema con otros videos también. Mismo video, presentación diferente.
Lo que deseo preguntar es a los que viven actualmente en Venezuela, los que saben, los que están experimentando lo que está sucediendo. Los que tienen acceso al mundo. Es arriesgarse. Arriesga lo que se te quitará si no lo haces.
Si lo que estoy seguro de lo que está pasando en Venezuela es cierto, que es la tiranía del gobierno, como una persona estadounidense que odia y odia al gobierno estadounidense, le pido que suba sus PROPIOS videos, con su nombre reddit que se muestra en el video como un forma de verificación de dónde se origina el clip y voz sobre lo que está sucediendo, incluso si no está en inglés, y no es necesario que muestres tu rostro.
También les pido a los que pueden traducir, que traduzcan los videos de los redditors que se cargan en los idiomas que puedas, y verifico que otras traducciones sean precisas.
Personalmente, solo hablo inglés, traduciré esta publicación completa al español y al portugués. Sé que el traductor de Google no es perfecto, así que si puede traducir esta publicación con mayor precisión, hágalo, y lo actualizaré en consecuencia.
Ajudar a colmatar o fosso da informação internacional entre os verdadeiros acontecimentos na Venezuela e os relatórios mistos e preconceituosos que vêm de Venzuelan
Eu sou um americano, muito distante dos eventos atuais que estão acontecendo na Venezuela. Eu vi o vídeo que foi compartilhado de pessoas marchando por uma rodovia com o fluxo de pessoas indo da esquerda para a direita da tela, as pessoas que estão andando são mais distantes da câmera, os carros são principalmente dirigindo ao lado do estrada mais próxima da câmera. Este vídeo foi apresentado de maneiras diferentes por pessoas diferentes. Eu enfrento o mesmo problema com outros vídeos também. Mesmo vídeo, apresentação diferente.
O que eu gostaria de perguntar é aqueles que atualmente vivem na Venezuela, aqueles que sabem, aqueles que estão experimentando o que está acontecendo. Aqueles que têm acesso ao mundo. É arriscar. Risco que será tirado de você se não fizer.
Se o que eu estou confiante de que está acontecendo na Venezuela é verdade, que é a tirania governamental, como um americano amoroso, o governo americano odiando o indivíduo, peço é fazer upload de seus próprios vídeos do que está acontecendo, com seu nome reddit mostrado no vídeo como uma forma de verificação de onde o clipe se origina, e verbalizar o que está acontecendo, mesmo que não esteja em inglês, e não há necessidade de mostrar seu rosto.
Também peço a quem pode traduzir, traduzir os vídeos dos redditors que fazem o upload para qualquer idioma que você puder e verificar se outras traduções são precisas também.
Eu pessoalmente só falo inglês, eu vou traduzir o artigo todo em espanhol e português. Eu sei que o google tradutor não é perfeito, então se você pode traduzir com mais precisão este post, por favor, e eu vou atualizá-lo de acordo.
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2016.10.20 02:06 Medievaldragon Enlighten us: How to get Bastion to Beep in Dorado

I think this is what everyone really wants to find out. Personally, I have spent over an hour trying to duplicate the YouTube video that shows Bastion approaching the hacked screen in the El Dorado Map which says: "Acceso No Autorizado: Protocolo Sombra v2.3"
I have not been able to duplicate the conditions where Bastion starts beeping when approaching that monitor.
Thus, everyone who attempts this and gets the same result as me will put into question the authenticity of the whole thing since this is the triggering clue that leads to the Lumerico.MX website. In short, unless all of us are able to reporduce this, it can be seen as a troll's complex attempt at dupeing us. The Lumerico domain name was created on September.
Can someone go step by step on what conditions make Bastion beep? Is it in a Custom Game/Skirmish mode or something else? On Defense or Attack side?
UPDATE #1: According to -cyan: "i did it earlier today. it's legit. maybe it's gone from the game now, but it was definitely there before. i went to the monitor as bastion on dorado in a custom game and that was all i had to do"
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2016.07.22 18:53 OneRock95 Theory about who Sombra is

After Ana was released, and confirmed by Blizzard that she is NOT Sombra, the hype train for Sombra only got bigger for me! I know many others are just as excited to find new hints and details about the character, so I wanted to post my theory about who Sombra actually is. All of this is pure tinfoil speculation, but it is always fun to theorycraft with Blizzard! To start off, I want to mention what we DO know about Sombra: 1.) The character is a "her", as mentioned by Reaper in the new Comic titled "Old Soldiers." (However I don't think it is an actual "her") 2.) The character has a presence on both maps, Dorado and Temple of Anubis. Some computer screens on Dorada state "Acceso No Autorizado: Protocolo Sombra" and there is a newspaper that says, "Quien es Sombra?" and shows a hooded & cloaked figure. On Anubis, there is a manila folder that has "Sombra: Clasificado" on it. 3.) Reaper has some sort of past affiliation with Sombra because he has a voiceline that says, "Where's Sombra when you need her?" Past affiliation is also shown in the new comic "Old Soldiers." Now, to start my theory!
First, I don't think Sombra is a person. I believe the character is an AI (or started out as an AI). I think that Sombra was/is an artificial AI much like how Athena is an AI for Winston. I think Sombra was developed as a counter-AI to Athena or based off of her. Why I think Sombra was developed, was to be some sort of hacking/interfering software to extract information from Overwatch information systems. To further this, I also think she was designed/created BY Reaper or by whoever he worked for at that time. Thats how he got to know her and become familiar with her. After the fall of Overwatch at the Swiss HQ, Reaper has had this vendetta against all Overwatch members for some reason that we do not entirely know, and for that reason, he could have developed or helped develop this AI that could counter or hack Athena to extract all the information about past members of OW. This would explain why in the animated short Recall, Reaper went to Winston's lab and used that device to hack/exteact all former Overwatch members information and locations. I think that device Reaper used, was some sort of bi-product of Sombra, I feel she had some involvement in the making of that or the technology used or something. If she was an AI, this could also explain how on Dorado, the computers say "Acceso No Autorizado: Protocolo Sombra," as if she is hacking it or she is the one running it so no one can interfere with the Lumerico Power Plant (maybe to maintain power supply to her or whomever she works for).
Secondly, I now think that Sombra is an Omnic. After some years, I think that somebody somewhere put the AI of Sombra into an Omnic. If you look at the newspaper that says, "Quien es Sombra?" on Dorado, you can see that the legs are clearly not human (flesh and bone), but more metal-like and shaped oddly. She is also wearing a cloak and hood (and poncho?) probably to hide an omnic body. If she was put into an Omnic, she would have better mobility, instead of someone else having to control her moves through a computer. She now has the ability to go to physical places and hack their systems and extract information on her own. When doing so, I think they created the omnic to have an ability that either emits a stealth field or her suit can do SOMETHING that makes her stealth-like. Which is why her name is Sombra.
Thirdly, if you watch the Dev Update of Ana, at the very end, like the last 3 seconds, the screens goes all weird. People have deciphered this (how? I have NO idea...people are too good at these things) and found that it says, "Estuvo eso facilito? Ahora que tengo su atencion, dejenme se las pongo mas dificil." (sorry for not including the accents and such) This roughly translates to "Was that easy? Now that I have your attention, allow me to make things more difficult." (you can read it all here: ) This further backs up the theory that she is some sort of hacker by her messing with electrical systems and using binary codes to make a message (or even sign her name).
Fourthly, in this thread, you have a lot of sound files that sound technological or like as if something is being interfered with (possibly a hacker?). There are also unfamiliar voicelines and weird sounds. ( )
That seems to be it for my theory. To wrap us, I think Sombra was an AI created to counter Athena/Overwatch and was then put into an Omnic that has some sort of stealth/hiding capabilities. I know this was super long, but I wanted to put it out there! I am super excited to find out who Sombra really is and hopefully we get another clue soon! I am probably WAY off, but hey, it was fun to think about!
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2016.03.01 18:33 LittleProphet I was a Superintendent in the strangest building ever...Part 7

Hello again, NoSleep,
Part 1: Previous post (Part 6):
I’ve been under the weather recently and haven’t been able to update. Thank you for your patience and for continuing to listen to my experiences.
After the pool incident, there wasn’t a repair call for a couple of weeks. If I’d known that ahead of time, I would’ve taken advantage of the building’s break. But, because of how often and how severely it had been acting up before then, I had been living half expecting the phone to ring with a strange call every couple of days.
Because it didn’t, I was left to sit in my apartment, waiting for the building I lived in to turn on me. It shouldn’t surprise you guys that, before long, I started to get pretty paranoid.
There was an A/C unit in my apartment. It was much smaller than that first strange one, and, as far as I could tell, a different brand.
I grabbed my toolkit, and used a screwdriver to pry the unit’s front panel open. The interior was alien, in that I wasn’t familiar with the inner-workings of an A/C, but there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. There was no screeching, no snotty discharge sliding out of from under the pattern. It was just plastic and metal showing no signs of life.
Inspecting my utilities became a habit. I checked every bulb for dim spots and unscrewed my garbage disposal. On days when it got particularly difficult to sit in normalcy, I would even make and unmake the bed.
With my apartment remaining loyal, I extended my inspection to my daily cleaning of the common areas. I’d often make sure the gutters on the street the building were clear of trash and common debris, and it was during one of these runs that I first approached the fountain.
While anxiously investigating my apartment’s amenities, I had thought about what Felipe had told me about the previous Super. Was I on a similar path towards becoming unhinged? The things Felipe and I had faced were real, I had no doubt about that, but there was also no question in my mind that the uncanny becoming so commonplace was beginning to take its toll on me.
Felipe must have thought something similar as he saw me tentatively approach the fountain the building’s driveway looped around. I waved at him, and gave him a thumbs up as best as I could with my rewrapped splints. He nodded and went back to watching the monitors.
The driveway was adorned with patterned concrete slabs, giving way on both sides to snaking patches of garden. The fountain sat at the center of the upward spiral of that grandiose entrance, it even had a small waterfall that spilled over one of the higher garden plots.
The fountain was rather extravagant. It was a bowl of crisscrossed blue and white tile. I stood close to the lobby’s double doors, and looked past the patch of greenery and towards the fountain’s main basin. There, on the bottom of the tile floor, was a simplistic crown rendered in blue tile.
I hunched over the patch of garden, analyzing the small water tract that overflowed into the fountain proper below. There was a small pump mechanism hidden inside a fake concrete rock. A small motor churned as I lifted the maintenance panel, and, when I unplugged a hefty tube that fed the water supply, the fountain’s plumbing hummed, and it shut off. When I reconnected it, it ran the same way it had. Felipe watched me closely. I replaced the panel, and began to walk back for the doors.
Just as I neared the building, I stopped. For some reason, I felt compelled to look at what loomed in front of me. The glass twinkled in the distance as that awful giant tilted into the sky. I counted the rows of windows by sight, and, when I looked at the ninth, I thought I could see something pressing back against the ones that lined that floor. It was hard to make out, especially with the glint of the glass and the distance, but I thought it looked like a yellowish film covering the windows. I continued to track the length of the building with my eyes and, once I got to the end, I could see something was on the roof.
My eyesight isn’t the best, and from the angle, it was almost impossible to get a good sense of the blob I was seeing, so I rushed inside to tell Felipe that there might be something to check out on the roof. He nodded, and we headed for the service elevator wordlessly.
Once we were inside the elevator car, however, I decided to use the ride up to the roof to run a theory by Felipe. “So, you’ve noticed how it’s usually something mechanical that acts up, right? Like the AC, or the disposal, or the treadmill.” Felipe looked grave, “Not the pool, though. But I get what you’re saying.” “It’s almost like whatever’s going on, it’s making electronic things—the building’s electronic amenities, come to life.”
“I’ve thought about that too, but it’s more like it’s warping them, changing them to fit a purpose—like parasites or something, to get to the tenants,” Felipe eyed the camera in the corner cautiously, “And when it does, it warps them too.” “What happens when we lose an apartment, then?” Felipe grew pale; he stared at the LED screen that said we still had ten or so more floors to reach the roof, “I don’t know. Maybe everything in it gets twisted like that, maybe it does but then goes back to looking like nothing’s different, like an imposter or something, only nobody ever comes out after it gets to them…All I know is we get a window to stop it. Something changes in those apartments and turns them against their owners, but it needs to get them, alter them, to get a hold of the entire unit. I think it’s never the people that change first.” Felipe looked around the elevator car worriedly. When the ding sounded to let us know we’d arrived, both of us nearly jumped out of our shoes.
The service elevator led to a small stairwell. At its end was a heavy metal door with the words “LOS INQUILINOS NO TIENEN ACCESO AL TECHO” (TENANTS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE ROOF). We opened the door with the clunky push-bar, and stepped out onto the heat-blasted patch of concrete that sat at the top of the thing in the shape of a building.
The view at this height was mind-blowing, especially given the fact that I’d lived in the building for a couple of months by then, and had never been up there. The stairs came out of a kind of concrete shed with the rest of the space being occupied by metal blocks that hummed loudly, and fed rectangular exhausts down into the maintenance stairwell below. Felipe began walking towards them, and, as I followed him and got closer, I began to see why. The metal vents and the cement offshoots that raised them slightly from the asphalt-like floor of the roof proper were slightly misshapen. Now, this being the area of the building perhaps most exposed to the elements, I would have expected as much. The extent to which they seemed to be affected was strange, however.
Not only were the edges of each vent, and each block of concrete, rounded as if melted by the unwavering heat, with bulging offshoots growing out of the distorted edges like tumors; but the metal chimneys and the cement underneath seemed to have been rearranged. They were set up in a specific shape, and as Felipe backed up to look at them, rounding the small shed the stairs were built into, it seemed they where in the dead center of the building’s roof. The ventilation mechanisms and the concrete hubs that housed them were in an almost perfect circle, with each protrusion coming up at even intervals. I didn’t have to look at it from above to tell what shape it was making. I had seen it before, on the tile of the fountain all those floors below. It was a crown. The building had grown a crown.
On the ride down, Felipe insisted we use the main elevator. It was on the trip back to the lobby that I mentioned the crown pattern in the fountain’s tile. As we always talked in Spanish, what he said next is a bit butchered here, but it was something along the lines of “I guess the building thinks it’s a king, it’s a real royal bastard…” In Spanish, the “royal” is actually pronounced the same as “real.”
There were many names, on the bold signs of each building’s driveway in Costa del Este. They had names that alluded to status and exclusivity. It was not uncommon to see “Heights,” “Prestige,” “Platinum,” or even “Royal,” forced into a building’s name. Ours had something similar out front, and it was because of what he said that, in our conversations in the lobby in the days that followed, we came to refer to the building as “the Royal.” We were often within earshot of tenants or guests, so we couldn’t say “Royal Bastard,” but we knew that’s what we really meant.
My next repair call came not much later. The service phone’s ringing shocked me out of a nap. I stumbled over to it, jiggling it out of its cradle with my splint-frozen hand. “15B. It’s about his microwave. He sounds shaken up, let me know if it’s anything.” I told Felipe I would, and hung up the phone with a gulp. I grabbed my new toolkit, which by now jingled with the sound of the tools I’d added to it over the weeks.
I checked the blurred cheek of my reflection on the elevator doors. The burn had healed to the point that I didn’t need to tape the swab over it, but it was still coated in a fine layer of anti-inflammation gel. I was a little self-conscious about walking into a tenant’s home while looking like I’d been involved in a serious accident, but I needn’t have worried.
When I knocked on the front door, I heard what sounded like a faint yelp coming from somewhere deep in the apartment. Puzzled, I tried knocking again, and was met with the same kind of shout, only louder. I rang the doorbell and, after the electronic chimes died down, I heard a raspy cry, “You the super? Open the door! Please! Use your keys—you have a key right?”
Upon opening the front door, I was hit with a waft of heat. The air was heavy with humidity. The walls glistened here and there, trailing beads of something like sweat. It was as if someone had let a steam shower run through the entire apartment, but I could hear no running water.
Walking further into the living room, all I could hear was the digital beeping of the microwave signaling it was done. As I started towards the kitchen, I heard the timer keys ding and beep, and the hum of the microwave starting up again. Then, I heard screaming.
Two young guys lived together in 15B. There were many office buildings among the apartment towers that crowded Costa del Este, and the young men apparently worked for a multinational company at one of them. They’d split the rent, as their only commute to work was a short walk, which was preferable to driving in from the city. Given the Royal’s rates, and what I saw in their apartment, the guys were fairly well off, and had probably gotten MBAs abroad.
Walking into the kitchen, I was surprised to see one of them standing in front of the cubby-shelf that held the microwave. The machine was still going, and I could smell something meaty simmering inside. There were pops and sizzles as something greasy like bacon crackled inside the electronic oven. As I got a closer look, I could tell the young man was in pain. Upon walking closer to try to help him, I instantly backed away, confused as to what I was seeing.
One of the guy’s hands was on the panel with the controls, pressing random buttons frantically and receiving no response from the machine. The other was somewhere in front of him, jammed between his stomach and the microwave itself. Getting a closer look, I saw that his arm was stretched out with the elbow against his torso. I realized that I couldn’t see his hand because, from his forearm up, his left arm was somehow stuck through the microwave’s glass door. He craned his neck to look at me, his torso straining, his arm still lodged into the appliance in front of him.
“Hey-You’ve gotta unplug it! I can’t reach the cord,” he hissed over the drone of the microwave. Sweat trailed from his grimacing face.
All around him were the signs of a frantic struggle: the drawers on the shelf the microwave rested on were thrown open; pots plates and pans littered the floor. The utility phone’s cord was coiled around one of the drawer handles, hanging lazily by the young man’s thigh.
I ran around the wooden unit that overtook that part of the kitchen counters. The power cord was jammed against the wall in what was less than an inch of space.
I crammed my hand into the cramped space, wriggling my fingers as I slid my hand towards the floor. Just as I was dropping to my knees, my fingers grazed the hard plastic of the power cord. I gripped it tightly, and pulled. Behind me, the microwave continued to drone.
More cracks and fizzes came from inside the electric oven, and the guy recoiled in pain. “Unplug it!” “I did—It’s not working!”
He bucked against the shelf unit in front of him, gripping one side and pushing back to swivel his arm free. “It’s got my arm. I don’t understand, I can’t get it loose!”
I moved to stand behind him, grabbing his collar and standing in preparation to pull him back as hard as I could. I tried not to look at the oven door, but I caught a glimpse of a hand glistening, raw and red inside the amber-like consistency of the microwave glass.
“Wait-wait, let’s pull back your arm on three.” He nodded, droplets of sweat smacking the tile floor underneath.
“One...Two-“ The microwave beeped. The young man shrieked in pain. There was a loud crack followed by a kind of wheezing sputter coming from inside the oven. Something red splattered the microwave door. The machine’s hum seemed to have gotten louder, and I could feel the looming heat emanating from behind the closed glass.
I pulled until his shirt collar was as tight as wire and we fell backwards onto the kitchen island. With a plop, the young guy’s arm slid out of the microwave door, but slowly. The glass stretched like taffy, and he pulled it to the island counter with sluggish backwards steps.
I saw the rest of the glass on the microwave’s lid scoop outwards like a funnel. Then it shook, twitching with the tension of our tug; a spasm shooting through the gummy extension.
The young man’s arm was jolted forward as the elastic discharge snapped back into the microwave door. It was so fast it reeled him with it, his collar twisting past my fingertips.
When the protrusion plopped back in place, it pulled with such force that the young man’s head plunged into the membrane alongside his trapped arm.
His shrieks were muffled as his face broke past the settling gel. The air around the machine got hotter. Something sparked inside the oven’s compartment, and, as I stumbled off of the island counter, I saw that part of the man’s hair had just caught fire.
I ran back to the microwave, almost grabbing the guy’s shirt to try to pull him loose again.
I spotted a box of tinfoil that must have gotten knocked out of a drawer. I scooped it off the floor as best as I could with the splint still on my hand.
I shook the cardboard open, the roll of aluminum paper tumbling out. I gripped it from one end and, with a few stumbling steps, stuck it into the syrupy mass lurching in the microwave.
From behind the gungy layer of what once must have been glass, bluish sparks glinted off the uncurling foil. The oven stuttered, the whirring stopped and the light popped off.
I clenched the young man’s shirt and yanked him backwards. The mass inside the microwave didn’t yield. The guy’s torso just jerked back, his head stuck in the hardening resin.
I staggered away from the dead machine, using the kitchen counters to steady myself. As I neared the service exit through the laundry corridor, I heard something come from one of the other rooms.
“Hello?” I moved towards the sound, remembering that the young man had a roommate. It sounded like gurgling, coming from the second bedroom. I crossed the hall, and pushed the door open.
There was a young man lying on the bedroom floor. There was a spoon in his hand, a bowl spilled on his bed. His pale form wore pajamas. His mouth was open wide, slightly further than it should have been. Something like a small cube slithered out, rolling over his tongue, plopping his cheeks apart. I saw that, on the floor next to him, there was a pile of similar, meaty boxes.
As I watched it, the new one slithered to join the others. It stopped, just before it did, and I noticed something on its bluish, milky skin. It was a word, in bold type that I recognized…the microwave’s brand.
I ran out of the apartment, slamming the door shut behind me. I rattled my keys against the knob, my hand shaking to lock 15B from the outside. I sprinted for the elevator.
Somehow, I held the vomiting in until I reached my bathroom. Then I collapsed, wrapping my arms around the cool porcelain of the toilet and heaving into the bowl.
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